Baby Fever?

I think this inevitable bug has made its way into the Blake household. Since getting married, we've been asked the dreaded "So when are you going to have children" at least once a week. Whether we are together or not, this question seems to come up at the most random times. Michael and I normally … Continue reading Baby Fever?


Life Updates

It's been an entire month since I've last posted and that's mainly because my life has not been my own. [insert sad face] Between traveling for work and trying to keep up with family stuff, I've been uber busy! During the month of July I helped coordinate my uncle's wedding, traveled a ton, and spent … Continue reading Life Updates

Lost Files 

HELPPPPP! I am currently in crisis mode! I attempted to upload the photos from my phone into the iCloud Photo Library the other day without any luck. After HOURS of waiting on the download to begin to decides to turn it off & just not worry about it, now OVER 400 (FOUR HUNDRED) of my … Continue reading Lost Files