Life Updates

It's been an entire month since I've last posted and that's mainly because my life has not been my own. [insert sad face] Between traveling for work and trying to keep up with family stuff, I've been uber busy! During the month of July I helped coordinate my uncle's wedding, traveled a ton, and spent time with the Hubs and the kid! MJ also started kindergarten in July. YES, KINDERGARTEN!! If you're like me, you're wondering where the time has gone! It seriously feels like not too long ago he was learning to crawl and we were celebrating his learning to take a few steps. It makes me sad that he's growing up so fast! Everyone keeps saying "now it's time for you to have a baby", ummm in due time young grasshoppers!

I honestly feel like I've been short changing my family for work which absolutely sucks. I promise that September will be different! I have to say September because August is already outta there, LOL! I managed to take Michael's birthday off and plan something special for him! EEEEKKKKK! I think I get more excited about his birthday than he does, SMH. Outside of trying to make this work-life balance thing more life balanced, I've been trying to ensure that we all eat healthier. It's bee working thus far while only making small adjustments to our diet at a time. I can't wait to see the final results of this lifestyle change.

HMMM… let's see, what else? I can't think of anything else! LOL!

I promise in August I will blog more often. I have a ton of topics in my head just waiting to get out!




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