The Great Hair Vitamin Debate

For those of you that aren’t aware; my name is Antionesha and I am a hair product junkie.

It sounds funny but I really am! Especially since I made the decision to go natural, it’s been insane how much time I spend researching products and trying new things. The one thing that has remained consistent in this healthy natural hair journey is the use of hair growth vitamins. I’ve really tried 3 different types of hair vitamins and I’ve liked/disliked them all for different reasons. I’m going to outline below what worked for me. I had to highlight that because this is just [me] sharing [my] experiences about what [I] like or don’t like. Everything isn’t the same for everyone so when looking for a hair growth air, you should really figure out what works for you.

The very first hair vitamin that I tried and fell in love with was Manetabolism Plus (Formally Manetabolism) by the Mane Choice. [Middle vitamin in the photo below.] I feel like I have received amazing results through using this hair growth vitamin, which is in capsule form. It’s mostly the reason that I’ve gotten such great results since I began taking these in September 2014 when I cut all of my bra strap length hair into a pixie cut! (Why you do that lil mama??) EKKKKKKKKKK. I know, I know! I just wanted to try something new and I love it for a few months but after that I missed my ponytail and not having to do much with my hair. I feel like with shorter hair it’s a lot more work trying to duplicate the look that your stylist creates each time you go, lol! I really liked the growth that I experienced with this vitamin with no real adverse side effects. Some people say that it caused their face to break out but I didn’t experience this. I will say that since they revamped this vitamin to the Manetabolism Plus sometimes I would experience headaches for some odd reason, but it hasn’t been anything that I’ve gone through on a consistent basis. It’s literally only every now and then… IDK what it is but, whatever lol! As long as my hair keeps growing, I’m cool with it.

The second vitamin that I tried for a total of 3 months was ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins. [Pictured below, on the left.] These are tablet form and are VERY effective, I can’t even lie! I just experienced acne with this one that was kinda painful at first and then just annoying. I looked like a little teenager going through puberty all over again. I just couldn’t deal. Again, it made my hair and nails grow really quickly; I just couldn’t sacrifice the condition of my skin. It didn’t matter how much water I drank, the acne would still appear overnight. It was unsightly and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Again, I wouldn’t recommend anything to anyone that doesn’t work; this one is the truth if you can deal with the acne that you may or may not get. *shrugs*

Last but not least is the Mielle Organics Adult Healthy Hair Formula vitamin. [Pictured below, on the right.] Lemme tell ya’ll, this one I just couldn’t do! This is a tablet form vitamin and the coating on this bad boy is terrible. It reminds me of garlic in that I felt like I could smell it seeping through my pores and the day went on. It had a terrible taste and just no… I couldn’t do it.

As a reminder, these are just my personal opinions on things that I’ve tried! Will I attempt the ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails again… Umm yeah! Especially because they work, I just have to find the right balance to keep my face from breaking out.

So my question is, have you tried any other hair growth vitamin? If so, leave your recommendations in the comment section!





4 thoughts on “The Great Hair Vitamin Debate

  1. Stephanie Jones says:

    Thanks! I’ve wanted to try the Mielle ones. I’ve only ever used Hairfinity and I’ve loved it, however it could be a little cheaper. So out of all of them you would go with Mielle? Which one?


    • authenticallyantionesha says:

      I definitely wouldn’t go with Mielle just because of the taste of the tablet, it’s gross. I also didn’t see much progress. I think I would go with The Mane Choice for results with minimal side effects. ItWorks was great, I just don’t like having acne!


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