Lost Files 

HELPPPPP! I am currently in crisis mode!

I attempted to upload the photos from my phone into the iCloud Photo Library the other day without any luck. After HOURS of waiting on the download to begin to decides to turn it off & just not worry about it, now OVER 400 (FOUR HUNDRED) of my pictures are missing! I spent hours on the phone with Apple care trying to find where my pictures went only to be told that they have to get a “level 3 engineer” to try & locate them! Y’all… the photos that are missing are mainly ones from the wedding & from Jamaica. JAMAICA. 

I’m so upset with myself for the following reasons:

  1. Trying to even use the stupid cloud for anything other than backups.
  2. For not backing up this phone when we got back from Jamaica.
  3. For not thinking to send more of them to the hubby’s phone so protection.

I’ve had a headache since I found out that the pictures were missing. I am PHYSICALLY sick at the thought of not having all of those candid photos that I took on our special day. I haven’t cried YET, but I’m pretty sure I will. The only thing I can do now is wait & see if the engineers can recover my precious memories. If they can’t I will probably lose my mind!! And before anyone asks, yes we had a professional photographer at the wedding but we won’t receive those photos for 8 to 10 weeks. That’s a long time & I want to be able to look at some pictures NOW!!! 

Welp, now that I’ve vocalized my frustration, let me go back to being sad. 

M’kay bye!



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