After Wedding Blues

Ya’ll! So we’ve officially been married for just over 2 weeks and I’m starting to get antsy for our pictures! Our family and friends have sent us a few that they took but I can’t wait to get those professional images! EEEKKKKK!

I spent the majority of last week jumping through hoops to get my name changed. So here’s the scoop! We went to the county clerks office on Monday morning trying to see if we could get a copy of our marriage license and get the ball rolling on changing everything. THEY. DIDN’T. HAVE. IT. I asked for a business card and called on Tuesday to see if it had made it in yet, they said yes but THEN decided to mail the marriage license to us instead of just holding it for pickup. UGH. After it finally arrived on Wednesday, Michael & I had lunch and planned on going to the social security office after that to FINALLY begin the name change… THEY. CLOSED. AT. NOON. What federal agency closes at 12 pm in the middle of the week?? [Insert eye roll] UGH. So that just meant that I had to wait ANOTHER DAY to get it legally changed. Fast forward to Thursday; we get to the federal building & have to wait 2 hours just to hand the lady my driver’s license and the marriage certificate. It LITERALLY took her 45 seconds to make the change. I signed a form and that was it. Y’all got people in here waiting HOURS for this? Why isn’t there an option to change it online or something?? After we leave social security office, I start the process of changing my name everywhere else which is more tedious than I thought it would be. Some places allow you to change your name online, while others make you call in and speak to a representative. Changing my national technician certification was easier than updating the name on my credit and debit cards. Over the course of the last few days I’ve been able to get most things updated. I just need to update my Passport (I didn’t do it last week because I wanted to have my hair different for the photo, JUDGE ME.) & my voter registration which one of my Facebook friends was kind enough to remind me to do! TOTALLY FORGOT! *Thanks girl!

After jumping through all those hoops last week, I was glad to return to work on Monday. Being off for 3 weeks had me feeling so behind on everything! My work email was flooded with deadlines and new initiatives that I had to get rolling on ASAP! One of my coworkers was awesome enough to call me and give me the low down on things that were truly pressing. Also, I actually felt like people have missed me, LOL! Everyone made it a point to stop by my office and say hello or congratulations! Folks even talked about how they missed me! *blushing* Hehe!

Being off work for a while was a little refreshing, besides the whole name change fiasco. It provided me with the opportunity to come back with fresh eyes, and for that I’m grateful!




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