Life Lessons

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged & we’re finally winding down from our honeymoon. I can’t believe that we have to head back to the States already. Jamaica has been a blast! While I’m on the first leg of our journey home, I thought I’d share with everyone a few of the life lessons that I learned (the hard way) on our wedding day! People told me over & over again that things wouldn’t go as planned but I thought I had it all figured out. Boy was I wrong, LOL! Things happened that I had no control over & I just had to deal with it all while keeping a smile on my face.  Below I will outline just a few of the lessons that I learned on my wedding day:

  1. You cannot control the weather. It was a gorgeous day, but the wind was OUT OF CONTROL! A couple of pedestals hit the concrete. Along with a couple of flower arrangements & there was nothing anyone could do about it!
  2. Someone will be late. I guaran-dang-tee you that the timeline that you’ve laid out for everyone won’t be enough to deter at least one person from showing up whenever they want.
  3. Your wedding definitely won’t start on time. It may not be drastically late, but it won’t begin when it should.
  4. You will have to pee. And this won’t happen until you’re fully dressed & all laced up. This is where it’s super important to have a couple of people who won’t mind hold your dress up while you squat backwards on the porcelain throne! Hehe! *Thanks ladies CDP, BBT, TDW*
  5. Your ring bearer or flower girl will make a conscious effort NOT to cooperate! MJ ran down the aisle lol! He didn’t even pretend to want to do right!
  6. Eat a good breakfast before the wedding starts! Everyone told me that I would forget to eat at the reception & guess what… I only got to taste 1 chicken & waffle cone. Instead I get to hear everyone else tell me how delicious they were. *side eye*
  7. People who RSVP’d won’t show up. More than likely, the main people who were so excited to be a part of your special day WON’T EVEN COME! But it won’t even matter because you won’t realize it until it’s over, haha!
  8. Take as many photos as you can! Don’t try and delay your timeline for anything or anyone. You’ll regret all of the photos that you didn’t take! I PROMISE it will be okay.
  9. Take just a second, with you & your new husband before going into the reception. You’ll need a moment to just soak it all in before heading into the madness! Lol!
  10. Even the most calm groom will flip out over his bride on the wedding day. Michael was really chill throughout the entire process but on the actual wedding day he was HOT when things didn’t go as we’d planned. I think him seeing how upset I was caused him to get angry. And when he’s upset, he doesn’t hold his tongue.
  11. Sometimes relationships fall apart over the above mentioned things. That’s just a fact of life. If people can’t respect YOUR wishes on YOUR wedding day, you can’t possibly believe that they have your best interest at heart. This day is about you & your future spouse… PERIOD. If they can’t see that, then you may just have to love people from a distance.

Those are just a few of the things that we endured on our wedding day. Please take it as a lesson from me that you can’t expect everything to go perfect but all that matters is that you’re marrying your best friend!


Mrs Antionesha Blake


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