Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to my life! Through this post, I will share the reasoning behind my blog! 🙂


The Year of Reciprocity

Reciprocity: noun | rec·i·proc·i·ty  : a mutual exchange of privileges. I've decided that 2018 will be the year of reciprocity for me, specifically me reciprocating the actions or non-action of those that are connected to me. I told you all before that I used to be that person that went above and beyond to satisfy those around … Continue reading The Year of Reciprocity

HAPPY 2018!

A lot can happen in 365 days. Lives change. People fall in love. Some fall out of love. Babies are born. Degrees are finished. The possibilities are endless! The fact of the matter is, lives should change in the matter of a year. If you aren't growing and changing, what are you truly accomplishing in … Continue reading HAPPY 2018!

Life Updates

It's been an entire month since I've last posted and that's mainly because my life has not been my own. [insert sad face] Between traveling for work and trying to keep up with family stuff, I've been uber busy! During the month of July I helped coordinate my uncle's wedding, traveled a ton, and spent … Continue reading Life Updates